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Fire Place Tools
Fire Place Tools
Forged Iron and Brush
30" high 18" wide 9" deep

Modern fire place tools and stand. This set includes a poker, shovel, and broom. All the tools are hand forged from a single piece of metal. The tools start out as 1" round bar stock, the handle is left as is, and the rest of each bar is forged into each separate tool. Each tool is approximately 24" long, with the handle making up 5.5" of the length. The modern looking tool stand with its gentle curves stands 25" high and is 18" wide and 9" deep. When the tools are resting in the stand the full height is 30.5". The broom is made of oak with a linseed oil finish and stiff inside bristles and soft out side ones. Each set is stamped when the material is hot with the maker's mark. The finish on the metal is beeswax and linseed oil.