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Cabinet 24 in Allis Chalmers Orange
Cabinet 24 in Allis Chalmers Orange
Hand Forged Metal and Chroma
24" long 40" high 12" deep

Forged cabinet using only blacksmithing thecniques and joinery. No modren welding was used, all the joinery is mortise and tenon or rivited together. The door of the cabinet is forged from small peices under the power hammer to get width and texture at the same time. The color is Allis Chalmers Orange, it is meant to represent the strong connection between blacksmithing and agriculture. All the peices are rivited togethet, the door handle is also rivited to the door. The hinges are hand made as well and become part of the design aesthetic. The inside of the cabinet is veneered birch plywood stained in ebony, it measures 13" wide 9" deep and 14" high. The top is a semi-translucent acrylic and rests on the base.
The metal is finished with bees wax and linseed oil, the top can be cleaned with a damp cloth or soap and water. Glass cleaner should not be used.